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Calix Remains Only Scalable FCC Performance Testing Solution Conducting More Than 1 Million Speed Tests a Month Helping BSPs Comply in the U.S.

March 22, 2022

The industry’s only scalable FCC performance testing solution from Calix ran and analyzed more than one million mandatory speed tests in a single 30-day period, providing unprecedented scalability so broadband service providers can meet critical deadlines and improve performance

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that it completed more than one million broadband performance speed tests in a single month with its comprehensive Broadband Performance Testing Solution. The offering is comprised of award-winning Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud), GigaSpire® BLAST and GigaCenter systems and Broadband Performance Testing Service. Combined with 20 million latency tests in the same month, this unmatched milestone decisively establishes Calix as delivering the most scalable integrated broadband performance testing solution in the industry. This enables broadband service providers (BSPs), no matter their size, to efficiently identify, analyze and rectify network issues that can negatively impact intricate Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements. The Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service alleviates the FCC testing burden on BSPs seamlessly and easily, freeing them to apply limited financial and human resources to provide the exceptional customer experience their subscribers demand.

United States federal funding for broadband deployment projects will reach $50.1 billion in 2022. Access to those funds requires compliance with rigorous speed and latency performance standards set out by the FCC. Applicants must successfully complete these tests or risk losing up to 25 percent of their monthly funding from these programs. Right now, more than 50 percent of federal funding recipients turn to Calix for mandatory FCC broadband performance testing and related services. With the third wave of funding testing underway, it is more important than ever to successfully complete testing now and avoid penalties later that could impact network expansion, subscriber satisfaction and revenue growth.

The Calix FCC Performance Testing Solution helps you address the concerns you have staying compliant with broadband testing requirements. It includes:

  • Broadband Performance Testing Service – This best-in-industry Calix professional service helps BSPs establish a workable broadband testing framework from the ground up. Calix experts consult with BSP operations teams to set up testing endpoints, train them on Calix Support Cloud and GigaSpire BLAST test clients and help them run the required pre-tests. This service includes test setup, actionable reporting, ongoing analysis, and guidance on solving endpoint performance issues that could impact overall results. In addition, exclusive webinars covering the latest industry developments on testing and the regulatory process share best practices that keep customers up to date and ready to succeed.
  • Calix Support Cloud – This award-winning Calix Cloud-based platform delivers a world-class, end-to-end subscriber experience, simplifying customer care and improving operational efficiencies. It also serves as a test controller thateliminates the complexities of setting up tests, enabling BSPs to collect and provide the results faster/more efficiently per FCC requirements. Calix Support Cloud was recently awarded the 2022 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award from global integrated media company TMC. The award recognizes services which enable their clients to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems – The GigaSpire BLAST family of systems deliver what the subscriber demands: blazing fast speeds up to 10Mgps, plug-and-play connectivity with the newest devices and complete Wi-Fi coverage. Best of all for performance testing, they also double as an unobtrusive test client for FCC broadband testing applications, enabling BSPs to automatically and transparently perform the required speed and latency tests needed for FCC reporting purposes.
  • Calix Support Services – This service helps BSPs keep their Calix Cloud and premises systems operating at peak efficiency. Customers have access to the latest software releases for Calix solutions as well as access to Calix Technical Assistance Center resources.

“The scalability of the Calix Performance Testing solution has been absolutely crucial in assuring our compliance and positioning us to easily and efficiently maintain compliance going forward,” said Brad Welch, chief operating officer of Utah-based Centracom. “We have multiple locations across the state that require testing. Calix is the only company with the scalable cloud-based solution that makes sure nothing falls through the cracks at every location. Calix provides us with detailed, customized reporting and analysis that allows us to proactively resolve issues with even our hardest to reach rural broadband subscribers. The FCC testing process is complex and a drain on resources. Calix stays with us every step of the way to ensure that we meet our FCC testing deadlines and deliver the performance that our subscribers expect everywhere, every time.”

“Calix was first to market with an integrated speed and latency testing solution a full year before the FCC required it,” said Martha Galley, executive vice president of customer engagement at Calix. ”We continue to extend our market lead as we apply the deep operational expertise we’ve gained supporting our customers through the testing and reporting process. Rural broadband funding is vital to bringing high speed internet to underserved and remote communities around the country. The Calix solution makes testing simple and painless for the BSPs that serve them, many with very limited technical and support resources. Successfully performing more than a million FCC speed tests in a 30-day period is unheard of and unequaled by any other solutions provider. This astonishing figure amplifies just how truly scalable and field-tested the Calix solution is and reinforces the integral role that the Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service plays in helping customers of all sizes navigate and successfully complete the FCC testing process.”

Active testing is currently underway for A-CAM I and Revised A-CAM I, Alaska Plan and Rural Broadband Experiments programs. Pre-testing is underway for A-CAM II, CAF II, Legacy Rate of Return and NY Broadband Program. Successful testing and reporting from all service locations help rural and community BSPs protect their investments and position themselves competitively with outside challengers by selecting the industry leader in speed and latency testing. Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service can simplify the FCC’s complex but mandatory process with this comprehensive start-to-finish solution.

Schedule a consult today to learn more about Calix FCC Performance Testing solutions and Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service. Find out why Pioneer Telephone Cooperative chose Calix GigaSpire BLAST for its FCC broadband performance testing.

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